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    The impact

    Once you caught pneumococcal pneumonia, it can take weeks before you feel like yourself again4, the fatigue can make it hard to get through the day.

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    Learn about the risk

    The risk of hospitalization with pneumococcal pneumonia for persons aged 65 or older is over 10 times greater than those aged 18-49; while the risk of hospitalization with pneumococcal pneumonia for persons aged 50-64 is over 6 times greater than those younger persons5*.

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    Protect yourself

    The CDC recommends adults 65 or older talk to their healthcare provider about pneumococcal vaccination6. The Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong points out that pneumococcal vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia, and recommends persons over 65 or with high-risk conditions to receive pneumococcal vaccination7.

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    Did you know?

    You can catch pneumococcal pneumonia through a cough near you or close contact anytime, anywhere3.

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